Organic and Fairtrade

all i need’s ingredients come from all over the world and have organic and Fairtrade certification.

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Organic and Fairtrade

all i need’s ingredients come from all over the world and have organic and Fairtrade certification.

It’s very important for us that all our ingredients are organic and Fairtrade.

All organic

The notion of organic food is perfectly in line with the philosophy of Selfness (for more information, see About us). On the one hand, organic quality guarantees that the product only contains healthy and precious ingredients and thus is good for you and your body. On the other hand, organic farming helps protecting the environment and the climate and supports traditional farming methods.

The genuinely organic character of a product is determined in 2 phases:

1. Organic farming

While a hundred years ago everything was organic, in today’s conventional farming there are hundreds of ways to distort products – from genetic engineering and pesticides to artificial fertilizers. All of this affects the food’s quality and also damages the environment and leads to the agriculture’s dependency on seed companies and the chemicals industry.

In organic farming none of these methods are permitted; everything is completely natural. That is not only an advantage for consumers but also for the environment, and it supports traditional organic farming.

2. Organic production

In conventional food production enormous amounts of different substances are added to the products, such as preservatives, artificial colorings and aromas and emulsifiers. Although that improves the shelf life and marketing of the products (because they “look better”), it does not increase their nutritional quality. Many of the food’s positive qualities, which are important for the harmonious functioning of our body, get lost because of these methods.

During organic production, such as that of all i need, no additives are allowed. In this way, the drink keeps all its natural benefits.

The most important advantages of organic food:

–   Highest quality is guaranteed through controlled standards
–   Genetic engineering is strictly forbidden
–   Organic farming ensures the preservation of the cultivated landscape and agricultural structures
–   It revives biodiversity
–   The ground water and the climate are preserved
–   Organic fertilizing keeps the soil healthy
–   In organic farming and production the use of chemical-synthetic pesticides and most additives is forbidden.


The fact that all of all i need’s ingredients are Fairtrade-certified corresponds to another aspect of Selfness: it’s about a holistic and global approach, which is not limited to the immediate environment, but also considers a larger context. Fairtrade establishes a connection between consumers and smallholders and workers in developing countries. By using ingredients from all over the world we support the goal of more justice in international trade. Fairtrade offers better trading conditions and strengthens the rights of producers and workers. The prohibition of child labor and the promotion of occupational safety are among the most important principles of Fairtrade.

The Fairtrade farmers and cooperatives receive fair prices for their products and therefore have a stable income. The additional Fairtrade premium for social purposes, infrastructure and education is invested in educational, health or environmental projects. This ensures that people can independently secure their livelihood and make sustainable investments into their future. At the same time, Fairtrade contributes to a sustainable development of the regions in which the raw materials are produced.

Environment protection is another important aspect of Fairtrade. Genetically modified seeds and the use of chemicals are forbidden. Farmers are encouraged to change over to organic production.

The cultivation of the rainforest in the Amazon region prevents its deforestation and at the same time secures the livelihood of the local population. We are convinced that sustainability has to be considered from a global perspective and that it’s important to contribute to changes all over the world.