The can and the bottle

Yes, we have put a lot of thought into our packaging. And here’s the result.

The can and the bottle

Yes, we have put a lot of thought into our packaging. And here’s the result.

all i need is available in the 250ml aluminum can and in the 330ml glass bottle.

The can:

You may be wondering why we use an aluminum can for an organic beverage like all i need. At first sight this might not seem particularly environmentally friendly but we were considering different types of beverage packaging for a long time and compared their advantages and disadvantages. After all, we came to the conclusion that the can is best suited for storing all i need.

The most important reason for that has to do with our goals: we want to induce a change of people’s mindset and to raise awareness of what it is that one really needs in life (see “all i need is to make a change > Our Mission”). And we want to support producers all over the world, so that they can live a self-determined life and be independent of large corporations. These objectives cannot be achieved by a small niche product that is only known by a handful of people. Real changes can only be achieved by reaching broad masses and giving them an understanding of our message. But we know that this isn’t possible with a glass bottle, as it is not very popular, neither among most consumers nor with the retail. We also want to have global success in order to make a difference all over the world – with a glass bottle that would be impossible alone for transport reasons. To achieve our goals and bring about lasting change we have to work with the circumstances as effectively as possible and therefore also make compromises – and THE perfect packaging doesn’t exist anyway.

The can is also suitable for all i need because it is the only packaging that provides ideal protection for the beverage. It’s not just unbreakable but also the only completely opaque and oxygen-tight container. Therefore it protects the precious bio-active substances that all i need contains in large quantities and which lose their effects faster when packaged differently. The can ensures that the high quality of the product can be preserved for a long time. Therefore all i need has a longer durability in the can than in the glass bottle.

The can is also better for the environment than it may seem. It is the most recycled beverage packaging worldwide. In contrast to other containers it can be recycled to 100 % and infinitely often. The recycling of aluminum cans is easy and energy efficient. The production of new cans from recycled material saves up to 95 % of energy and therefore also a large amount of CO2. Because of the convenient size and small weight, a truck can transport at least twice as many cans as other beverage packaging. That reduces fuel consumption and exhaust fumes especially on long distances and thus protects the environment.

The bottle:

We know that in certain areas it makes sense to employ glass bottles regarding sustainability and the conservation of resources. As all i need stands for these values, we have decided to offer a glass bottle as an alternative to the can. The bottle is perfect for regional distribution with short transport routes. Glass bottles are flavorless and the carbonation survives for a long time. On the other hand, the bottle is less airtight and opaque than the can. This is why the shelf-life of all i need in the bottle is shorter than in the can, the high quality just can’t be preserved for a long time.

As we are constantly looking for the ideal packaging, we will soon start a sustainability study in order to get more detailed knowledge about both containers. As soon as we have new information, we will let you know here!