all i need is to make a change

We want to make worldwide changes and help people to lead a self-determined life.

all i need is to make a change

We want to make worldwide changes and help people to lead a self-determined life.


Our mission

Our mission is to reach two goals:

  1. We want to change people’s mindset and create awareness for what you really need in life.
  2. We want to support small, local producers all over the world and give them the opportunity to live independently and in self-determination from the cultivation of their products.

We stand for fairness and a conscious, careful handling of our environment. All our actions are guided by this approach.

For 43 children the change started 2014!

Education is all i need

In most of the countries our ingredients come from, a good education for everyone is not always a given. But self-responsibility and the organization of one’s life according to one’s own culture are closely linked to a good education.

Besides our clear commitment to organic cultivation and Fairtrade, we also support the education of children and adolescents.

With every pallet sold, 25 € go directly into the education of one child in one month.


all i need selects the projects specifically according to their sustainability and necessity. In many countries education is a big luxury especially for girls or low-income families.

During the next years, our focus will be on the countries of origin of our ingredients.

We start with 20 children in Sri Lanka and 23 children in Tibet and Nepal.

And this is just the start.



We are working together directly with our partners on site. As we know the people responsible in our partner organizations personally and also travel there ourselves, we can be sure that the projects are being perfectly attended and they really contribute to substantial changes. Our partners include the organizations ASIA Onlus, Ahnagathaya and Roots for Life.

Thanks to ASIA, since 2013 we have been sponsoring three children in Yungog School, a village school for Tibetan nomad families’ children, located at an altitude of about 3,200 meters in Hebei Province, in the Tibetan Region of Amdo. ASIA is a NGO that works in the Tibetan regions of China, as well as in India, Nepal, Myanamar and SriLanka. Their Long Distance Sponsorship project is aimed at ensuring to Tibetan children an education in harmony with their cultural roots, and at providing everything they may need to study and live with dignity (uniforms, medical insurance, educational material, beddings, etc.). We are supporting this project by sponsoring three children in this school and ten at Manasarovar School in Nepal.
All the schools built, rebuilt or supported by ASIA respond to the local communities request to help them avoiding that their children forget their mother language and, consequently, their culture.

The non-profit association Roots for Life organizes the implementation of the projects for all i need in the selected countries. The personal support of the projects on location helps to encourage the children and adolescents to strike a new path based on their own roots. They take their fate into their own hands and can live their life as independent people.

In our blog you can find reports about our journey to Sri Lanka in November 2014, where we visited the children we support there.

Sri Lanka – education is all i need
Sri Lanka – make a change with education

Think globally – drink socially


Empowerment is the term that reflects all i need’s attitude towards the countries of origin of its ingredients. We live in a globalized economy and also have to assume global responsibility for the economic and ecological structures. With supporting children and adolescents, all i need lays the foundation for a self-determined future.

Photos: (c) Rudolf Thalhammer.

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