About us

Find out more about the persons behind all i need and our story.

About us

Find out more about the persons behind all i need and our story.

Who we are

We, that’s Thomas Miksits and Alexander Jiresch, the inventors of all i need.

Our story started a few years ago, when we met at our work in a restaurant. We quickly noticed that we had a lot in common. In particular one thing: the desire to raise people’s awareness of sustainability and organic food and to make organic products accessible for everyone.

To achieve that, we founded the company Biolife OG, which offered vending machines containing only organic products to schools, universities and companies. While we were searching for suitable products we noticed that something was missing: an absolutely honest, well thought-out and holistic refreshment, where all good things come together – great taste, natural and premium ingredients and an attractive design.

So we decided to create this beverage ourselves. We already had the ingredients in mind. During many journeys around the world we had discovered great products that we wanted to combine to a harmonious whole. For a long time we were experimenting in the tea kitchen to find the right mixture and develop the perfect recipe.

The result: a harmonious, healthy, delicious refreshment with a regenerating, stimulating effect. Based on green tea, without the addition of granulated sugar or artificial stimulants. Produced with all natural and Fairtrade ingredients. Which is the expression of a conscious, healthy lifestyle.

Voilà: That’s all i need.

What we stand for

In addition to our central values organic and Fairtrade (for more information see Organic and Fairtrade) there are also other aspects which are important for us and are connected to our values:


all i need is the first brand that commits itself completely to the concept of Selfness. This means that we not only stand for a product, but also for a philosophy and a holistic development. The essence of this philosophy is to figure out independently what it is that one really needs in life. In this way, we address people who live consciously and also want to develop consciously. Freedom and self-fulfillment play an important role in Selfness. At the same time, it considers the needs of society and the environment. Those who live Selfness are active; take care of themselves and their health, as well as of others. We implement all aspects of Selfness in all our activities and all i need is the first brand that stands for this process.


The health aspect is also a part of Selfness, as taking care of oneself and one’s body plays an important role in this philosophy. Our holistic approach is reflected in the special composition of the 5-elements-recipe. We brew whole green tea leaves according to a tradition which is thousands of years old. We only use premium Sencha green tea, which has a unique taste and special ingredients and is specially tasted and selected after every harvest. The juice of the Wild Agave can be processed much better by the body and has energetically different, more positive effects than sugar. The superfruits aronia and açaí with their high antioxidant-content are important elements of this approach as well.


Taste has a high priority for us, as pleasure plays a part in Selfness as well. The unique, harmonious recipe guarantees the inimitable and balanced taste of all i need.